Given the trend towards an increasingly globalised world and way of doing business, the translation industry – and the need for high quality translations – is growing in importance.

A “good” translation is much more than the simple substitution of word A for word B (even where the equivalent word exists). Transposing concepts and ideas from one language into another successfully requires not only sound linguistic expertise, but also expert cultural understanding, in-depth, specialist knowledge and skill in communicating precisely, clearly and effectively.

As a qualified Professional Translator (MA Leeds, MA Cantab), and an Associate of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI), the UK industry body for translation, I can offer an holistic, transcreational approach to translation. An approach that focuses both on the essence of the message to be translated and on how the text communicates with its audience to fulfil the purpose of its message.

Your message is therefore reproduced in native British English with the style, nuances and specificities of the original French or German text – a crafted linguistic solution.

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